Announcing BridgeLink and PGSuper Professional 6.1

BridgeSight Software

May 27, 2021 - BridgeSight Inc

Announcing BridgeLink Professional Version 6.1, PGSuper Professional 6.1 and PGSplice Professional 6.1. This new release provides a critical bug fix to PGSplice and provides other minor fixes to both PGSuper and PGSplice.


Updates in PGSplice 6.1

  • Fixes problem with anchor set loss being computed incorrectly. Anchor set loss is computed according to the method described in The iterative approach is used because the simplified methods assume small changes in angles and uniform friction losses. Bridge girders are much deeper than building beams so there is generally more angular change. A refined calculation method covers all cases. In the reference document, the shaded area in the diagram was mistakenly thought to be the area being integrated. The actual area needed is twice the shaded area. Using the approximate anchor set equations, the computed set is twice the actual set leading to twice the anchor set loss over twice the affected length of tendon. The overestimated loss should result in conservative error in most cases. However, it may result in overstress in end regions.
  • Fixes problems with input grids crashing
  • Fixes problem with internal duct model for U-beam sections
  • Fixes crashes when modeling spliced girder structures with multiple groups
  • Fixes problem reporting segment spacing


Updates in PGSuper 6.1

  • Updates top deck reinforcement cover documentation
  • Made drop down lists fit text width (M1207)
  • Precision of creep coefficients is now reported consistently
  • Fixes girder section view dimensions for asymmetric girders
  • Fixes problem drawing strands in asymmetric girders on the Debond/Extended Strands tab of the Edit Girder window
  • Fixes problem modeling temporary strands after removal in time-step analysis (M1221)
  • Adds labels for start and end of alignment, and whole stations, in plan and profile views

We recommend existing PGSplice users to update their software as soon as possible

More information about BridgeLink Professional can be found at:

BridgeSight is very proud and excited about this new release and we encourage current customers to upgrade as soon as they get a chance. Those of you who have not tried BridgeLink Professional for a while, we recommend that you take a test drive. 30 day trial information can be found at: