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We recommend that you install PGSuper Professional before using the tutorials. Learn more about how to download and install PGSuper on our Downloads Page.

Beginning Video - Design a TxDOT I-Girder Using PGSuper

New Users Start Here!! Learn the steps required to use PGSuper in a production engineering environment. In this narrated tutorial, Richard Pickings provides an introduction to using PGSuper to design a precast I-girder in a real TxDOT bridge.

Advanced Girder Design Example


PGSuper's flexural design algorithm can sometimes create girder designs that are not usable. In this video, Richard Pickings explores such a case and discusses how to hand-tune a design. The design is for a TxDOT bridge, but the discussion is

Advanced Geometrics - Part 1

New! PGSuper's geometric features allow you to model highly complex roadway and superstructure gometries. In part 1, we model a three-span tapered bridge on a simple horizontal curve. This model has splayed girders and many other complex features.

Advanced Geometrics - Part 2

New! PGSuper's geometric features allow you to model highly complex roadway and superstructure geometries. In part 2, Richard Pickings explains spacing options for adjacently spaced girders using TxDOT 34" deep box girders as an example. The tutorial also

Productivity Features in PGSuper Professional

Learn how PGSuper Professional can boost your productivity when designing prestressed girders. In this narrated tutorial, Richard Pickings describes how to modify an existing harped strand design to all all-straight strand design.

Creating New Girder Library Entries

Learn how to add new girder shapes to the PGSuper Library. In this narrated tutorial, Richard Pickings describes how to create a new girder library entry and input girder geometry and prestressing information. The section type created is a CalTrans Wide Flange girder which is based on

Modeling Touch Shoring with PGSuper

This tutorial demonstrates how to model a touch shoring construction scenario with PGSuper. Touch shoring is used to support precast girders during deck placement to reduce the final stresses in the composite deck and girder system.

Introducing PGSuper Professional!

This game-changing new product extends the capabilities of the PGSuper precast-prestressed girder design program. PGSuper Professional enhances PGSuper by bringing a new level of design experience. With PGSuper Professional and our excellent support you get the peace of mind that this

Modeling Wearing Surfaces in PGSuper

Several types of wearing surfaces can be modeled in PGSuper. Each type has different implications on the analysis performed by the software. This white paper details the types of wearing surfaces that PGSuper supports, describes how they are modeled, and explains how each affects the analysis.

Modeling Lightweight Concrete with PGSuper

Enhancements made in PGSuper Version 2.4 include support for modeling lightweight concrete. Engineers can now define both the girder and deck concrete as normal weight, sand lightweight, or all lightweight concrete. This tutorial describes how to model lightweight concrete material

Modeling Inverted Tee Bent Caps

Many state DOT's make use of the Inverted Tee Bent Cap system in simple span precast-prestressed concrete girder bridges. PGSuper does not model any specific substructure system, but instead provides a flexible geometric description to accommodate inverted tee bent caps and virtually

LRFR Load Rating with PGSuper

PGSuper can perform the load rating analysis of the bridge superstructure in accordance with Section 6, Part A of the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation, also referred to as LRFR ratings. This tutorial describes how to perform a load rating analysis in PGSuper.

Substructure Design Using PGSuper Professional and VBent

BridgeSight Inc has joined forces with our friends at Viathor to provide PGSuper Professional and VBent customers a powerful new way to integrate superstructure and substructure design. The BridgeSight VBent Exporter extracts information from a PGSuper model and prepares it for import into VBent