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05/07/2010 - New Tutorial - Highlights of PGSuper Version 2.3

Version 2.3 of PGSuper was released earlier this week. Don't let the version number fool you - this is a Major Release!
Check out the new features in our tutorial paper at:

05/05/2010 - New Tutorial - LRFR Load Rating In PGSuper

PGSuper can perform the load rating analysis of the bridge superstructure in accordance with Section 6, Part A of the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation, also referred to as LRFR ratings. This tutorial describes how to perform a load rating analysis in PGSuper.
Check it out at:

12/16/2009 - New Tutorial - Modeling Sidewalks and Barriers in PGSuper

PGSuper has powerful features for modeling complex sidewalk and railing configurations. This tutorial describes how to model a combination sidewalk/railing systems in PGSuper.
Check it out at:

10/28/2009 - New Tutorial - Modeling Inverted Tee Pier Caps - at

Many state DOT's make use of the Inverted Tee Bent Cap system in simple span precast-prestressed concrete girder bridges. PGSuper does not model any specific substructure system, but instead provides a flexible geometric description to accommodate inverted tee bent caps and virtually every other substructure system. This tutorial explores how to define the connection geometry for an inverted tee pier cap.
Check it out at:

8/21/2009 - New Advanced Geometrics Tutorial - Part 3 at

More New stuff at !!
  A new tutorial: Advanced Geometrics - Part 3
 In the last of our three-part series, we create an adjacent box girder bridge that uses different width exterior and interior girders..
 Check it out at:
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6/10/2009 - New Advanced Geometrics Tutorial - Part 2 at

More New stuff at !!
 A new tutorial: Advanced Geometrics - Part 2
In the second of a three-part series, we model a three span interchange ramp bridge. The bridge is located in a transition between a straight portion of the alignment and a curved portion. The deck width tapers to accommodate the geometry of the site and the roadway. The seven W42G girders are uniquely framed in every span..
Check it out at:

5/13/2009 - PGSuper 2.1.1 Released

WSDOT posted PGSuper Version 2.1.1 yesterday. It can be downloaded from\eesc\bridge\software.
New stuff in this release consists mostly of minor bug fixes to 2.1. However, there are two issues that deserve attention:
1) A bug where the effective flange width was computed as twice the correct value for bridges using Deck Bulb Tee's, Double Tee's (plain type), Double Tee's (WSDOT type),  and Ribbed Girders. This bug will cause non-conservative designs for these bridge types.

4/28/2009 - New PGSuper Product Comparison Added At - We need your help!

We need your help! I just added a new Feature Comparison table that compares PGSuper, ConSpan and PSBeam. The table is posted at:
I did my best to fill out the table based on data from product brochures but since I don't own either of the latter programs, details are missing. Any information that you may have to help complete the table will be much appreciated.

4/08/2009 - New Advanced Geometrics Tutorial at

As we promised - New stuff at !!
A new tutorial: Advanced Geometrics - Part 1
In this first of a three-part series, we explore how to create a multi-span tapered bridge on a horizontally curved alignment.
Check it out at:
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3/06/2009 - New Video Tutorial on

Learn the steps required to use PGSuper in a production engineering environment. In this narrated tutorial, Richard Pickings provides an introduction to using PGSuper to design a precast I-girder in a real TxDOT bridge. Visit to view this and our other outstanding PGSuper tutorials.
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