5/13/2009 - PGSuper 2.1.1 Released

WSDOT posted PGSuper Version 2.1.1 yesterday. It can be downloaded from
New stuff in this release consists mostly of minor bug fixes to 2.1. However, there are two issues that deserve attention:
1) A bug where the effective flange width was computed as twice the correct value for bridges using Deck Bulb Tee's, Double Tee's (plain type), Double Tee's (WSDOT type),  and Ribbed Girders. This bug will cause non-conservative designs for these bridge types.
2) PGSuper has been ported to the latest Microsoft development environment. This will affect end users by providing a more modern look and feel to the program, and more importantly, it should make installation of PGSuper easier: In most cases, end users will no longer need Adminstrator-level access rights to install the program - Horray!
Refer to the WSDOT site for more detailed release notes. We recommend that users upgrade to 2.1.1 as soon as is practical.
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Richard Pickings, Webmaster, www.pgsuper.com