About Us

PGSuper.com was created by BridgeSight Inc. in early 2009 to raise awareness about PGSuper and provide training and technical support to PGSuper's diverse user community.


Our goal is to help you get the most out of PGSuper, and to showcase the most robust, flexible, and full-featured LRFD precast concrete bridge girder design program in the world. 

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About BridgeSight Inc.

BridgeSight Inc. is the open source bridge engineering software company. Founded in 1996, we offer products and services to help you maximize your productivity and your budget with open source bridge engineering software. Our friendly staff of professional engineers has over 30 years of experience creating bridge design software. For more information about BridgeSight, visit our company website at http://www.bridgesight.com

Our Commitment

As a PGSuper user, you know that PGSuper is not only free, but also the best precast bridge girder design software available. Most of the funding for the development and testing of PGSuper comes from state agencies who recognize the value that PGSuper provides for their bridge programs.

BridgeSight is not only committed to keeping PGSuper free and maintaining the highest level of quality: We also provide free services, like this web site, to help all users get the most from the program. This labor of love is done on our own time and expense.

If you have found value using PGSuper in your organization, and would like to get even more out of the program, please consider upgrading to PGSuper Professional. A significant portion of the proceeds from PGSuper Pro are used to improve this web site and the overall PGSuper experience for all users.

Our Services

BridgeSight has been an integral part of the PGSuper development team since its inception. We can help you get the most from PGSuper. Our expert engineers can:

  • Customize PGSuper to satisfy your specific needs
  • Create girder libraries and project templates
  • Created branded distributions of PGSuper and other Open Source software
  • Provide on-site training

On Site Training

You pick the time and place and we'll teach you how to maximize your productivity with PGSuper. BridgeSight Software offers customized on-site training opportunities for Departments of Transportation and consulting engineers.

Contact Us

Learn more about BridgeSight Software by visiting our web site. We will be be glad to make PGSuper work for you!