Announcing the Release of PGSuper Professional 1.6 and PGSuper 2.9.1

BridgeSight proudly announces PGSuper Professional Version 1.6 in concert with the Washington and Texas Departments of Transportation release of PGSuper Version 2.9.1. This is mostly a bug fix update, but does include implementation of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Manual 7th Edition 2016 Interim Revisions. Here are some highlights:

New Features in PGSuper Professional 1.6

  • New PCINE NEXT Beam Section and Configuration We’ve extended the basic PGSuper program with a new beam section only available in PGSuper Professional™. The new parametric beam shape supports an exact geometric description of the NEXT beams, and it computes live load distribution factors per PCINE recommendations. We've also added a new PCINE NEXT Beam configuration library to make creation of NEXT Beam projects a snap. See the new configuration library at
  • New Pro-Only Configuration Libraries for CalTrans, Oregon DOT, PCI NorthEast, and Tennessee DOT. Learn more at

New Features in PGSuper 2.9.1

  • Support of the Latest AASHTO LRFD Updates (2016 Interims)
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • and much more!

Hope to see you at the 2016 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference next week in Nashville, TN. We won't have a booth at this year's conference, but will have a presence for those of you who would like to learn more about PGSuper. Just ask, and I'll be happy to show you the latest and greatest.

Happy Engineering!

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.


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