Non-Standard Strand Pattern

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Non-Standard Strand Pattern

I am currently working on a TxDOT project and I am a bit confused as to why pgsuper is calling my design a non-standard design. It is a harped design using Tx-34. At the ends the top-most strands in the A position (6 in total) are located at 13" from the bottom. Actually there is no 13" location but a 12.5" so I am also confused why pgsuper is calling out a 13" location. At the center the top-most strands in the A position are located 6.5" from the bottom. Strands B-G are straight strands filling the bottom two rows of strand locations. There are no strands in the top flange of the girder. In total there are 30 strands.

Thanks for your help.

Since this is a

Since this is a TxDOT-specific question it is best handled by them. Please post your question and file to

Richard Pickings, P.E.
BridgeSight Inc.

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