New Updated PGSuper Configuration Libraries for CalTrans, Oregon DOT and PCINE. For LRFD 8th Edition

January 13, 2020
BridgeSight is pleased to announce the release of updated PGSuper Professional Configurations for the California Department of Transportation, Oregon DOT, and PCI North East. All configurations were updated for compliance to the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications 8th Edition 2017 and including DOT amendments for CalTrans and ODOT. More details on the configurations can be found at:

In addition, an 8th Edition CalTrans configuration has been published for the PGSplice spliced girder bridge design program.

BridgeSight and its partners are proud to produce software that meets or exceeds the needs of our customers by keeping up with current design specifications and practices. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more exciting announcements.

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