Announcing PGSuper Professional 8.0 and PGSplice Professional 8.0

May 28, 2024 - BridgeSight Inc
Announcing BridgeLink Professional Version 8.0, PGSuper Professional 8.0 and PGSplice Professional 8.0. The standard versions at WSDOT have also been released. This new version provides many new features and improvements to both PGSuper and PGSplice.

Updates in 8.0

  • Added Explicit Definiton input Method for Haunch Geometry
  • Added Utah DOT configuration library to PGSuper Professional
  • Added support for FHWA-UHPC Guide Specification
  • Add option to check tensile stress limit in closure joint at final due to dead loads only
  • Update calculation of stress in beam due to prestress per the PCI BDM 4th Edition
  • Clarified Excel Export Data Labels for Stability Graphs
  • Consolidated required concrete strength computations
  • Fixed Effective prestress graph not plotting correctly
  • Improve color selection algorithm for analysis results view graphs
  • Improved Performance of report generation
  • Improved Performance computing section properties of polygons
  • Added Unrecoverable girder deflections for girders with asymmetric sections
  • Retooled Definition of Support Elevation Adjustments
  • Updated "Allowable Stress" nomenclature to "Stress Limits"
  • Report load rating Yield Stress Ratio in it's own table
  • Add deflections due to shear key loads to TxDOT CAD Export of Haunch and Deflection
  • Barlist - Add group subtotals to report
  • Improve SI Units handling in Girder Library Entry
  • Improved first run experience
  • Fixed Crash when change haunch location from segments to spans on multi-group PGSplice model
  • Fixed Remove extra page break in TxDOT Short Form report
  • Fixed Bearing tab on pier dialog doesn't allow zero bearing dimensions
  • Fixed Stress limits for deck placement used in PGSplice whether enabled or not
  • Fixed Crash with "interesting" alignment"
  • Fixed Catalog server update gets confused when starting BridgeLink with multiple files
  • Fixed Error with span selector on Bridge Plan view
  • Fixed Haunch depth for haunch dead load computed incorrectly for SIP panel deck
  • Fixed Lever rule not used with ROA requirements exceeded with TxDOT BDM method
  • Fixed Multiple limit state/interval mapping issues with stress coefficients in PGSplice
  • Fixed Station values double-converted on Bridge Description Layout tab
  • Fixed Right face POI not check for spliced girder
  • Fixed Slab bridge framing plan incorrect in some cases
  • Fixed Structural analysis error computing overlay X deflection
  • Fixed Incorrect Rating Factor for multispan bridge with hinge diaphragm
  • Fixed Deflection history not plotting correctly
  • Fixed Units of X axis on girder graphs don't change when switching units
  • Fixed File Save Warning when only build number changes
  • Fixed Issues determining support elevations and segment geometry in PGSplice
  • Fixed When Certain input parameters not adjusted when span lengths are reduced
  • Fixed Ctrl+C doesn't seem to copy from report views

We recommend existing users to update their software as soon as possible

More information about BridgeLink Professional can be found at:

Download options can be found at:

BridgeSight is very proud and excited about this new release and we encourage current customers to upgrade as soon as they get a chance. Those of you who have not tried BridgeLink Professional for a while, we recommend that you take a test drive. 30 day trial information can be found at: